05 October, 2010

Party pack preparation

Here's what I have bought for Smellybutt to bring over to her pre-school on her big day =) She'll be Miss Santa, giving out this goody bag to all her classmates.

Party pack ~ RM1.80 for 10pc/pack from a D.I.Y. shop in Kuchai Lama. Bought it when I was at that area for a hair cut.
This is CHEAP!!!! If buy from the mall, it'll easily cost you RM5.60/pack

Clockwise :
Jack n Jill potato chips RM7.30/box of 24
Jack n Jill Choc biscuit RM8.30/box of 24
London Swiss Roll Blueberry flavor RM5.20/box of 24
Fernleaf Solivite cultured milk drink RM7.49/pack of 5 x 2

All these from Kedai Tong Soon @ Desa Jaya, Kepong. This shop sells variety of snacks in bulk, so price is cheaper.

and finally Crispy rice choc bar RM7 for 5 pack. Each pack contains 6 bars.

She got soooo excited when it's time for packing!

The busy bee workers.....

Within minutes, all done! 20pcs of goodies bag now ready.
But I'll only distribute the cultured milk drink to the kids on the actual day, so the drinks will remain in the fridge first.

After all the hard work....she asked for a pack of potato chips. Ok Ok, you'll be the SIRIM member to test it first!

I've also ordered 30pcs of chocolate cup cakes, freshly baked by my beloved cousin sister, with Barney and Friends theme. I will collect from her this Wednesday. For sure Smellybutt gonna love it!

Counting down now....2 more days to go.... ^_^


Chinneeq said...

Aunty chinnee pun mau satu pack!

Caca said...

my girl's Bday is on 10th! I got her to pack the party packs too. Happy birthday to your beautiful girl.

LittleLamb said...

Geng! Nice!
You know what..I was soo soo last min. I got my stuff from Mydin n put in envelope :(

Smelly Butt's Ama said...

kekeke takpa...at least something for the kiddos also!!


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