11 October, 2010

When We're Together...

That's my favorite drama series @ Astro WLT by Mediacorp....but already tai kit kuk (drama series has ended). Good story line and with handsome actors :P One of the guy's name in the drama series called Ling Siao Bei. Handsome betul! :P Now when I ask Smellybutt, where's Ling Siao Bei, she'll answer me "zhou sai jor". And then she'll ask me to sing out the theme song to her, which I have yet to memorize the lyrics :P Intend to do so, real soon. I really love the theme song, very meaningful.


Haruki said...

Nice song, I've never heard it before. Where do you find the time to watch Astro series?

Smelly Butt's Ama said...

haha, show time is 7pm. Mom cooked for dinner, that's why got time to catch this drama series together!


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