01 October, 2010

Home theater

I'm not referring to any home theater system ya...it's the live show at home by my lil drama queen who just loves to play back whatever that has happened in her classroom. It's really good for us, as we all get to know who did what, who said that, who get scolded and so on. But so far, according to drama queen, it is always other students who get caught for their misbehavior. None of her script meant for herself! Nahh...I don't believe that she is so obedient in the class lah. Sure got something 1, just that she didn't include an episode for her own self =)

Here's the latest show from her...must be the teacher trying to split the 2 group of students - half day and full day care kids. And I guess she did exactly what the teacher has said in the classroom. But there's more from her at the end of her show =)

Summarized script :

QQ : (while pointing at the 2 tables) half day sit here, full day sit here
Popo : I what day?
QQ : I..I..I...I say you Tuesday. You Tuesday, you!!

We had a good laugh over this episode ^_^


LittleLamb said...

same here wor. when i ask my son did u push people, beat people, etc..he will be the ever GOOD GOOD boy.. but i wonder how true

Smelly Butt's Ama said...

hahaha guess that's the default respond from all kids when asked them such question =)


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