26 October, 2010

More upcoming exciting activities

See....there are more fruitful events awaiting us on almost each weekend right up to mid November!

Newest agenda:

Children's Day cum birthday bash
The pre-school will be organizing a party for 2 occasion this Friday, 29th October 2010. Firstly, they will be celebrating Children's Day altogether. Students are allowed to wear their favourite attire on this special day. Parents are encourage to chip in some food for the party too(light healthy snacks, sandwiches, etc). My plan is to make some yummy jelly for the 70 kiddos. Quick and easy to prepare :P Secondly, there's a birthday celebration for students who were born in the month of October. That's the reason why I don't intend to buy a cake lah. For sure there will be lots of birthday cake available on that day.

Parents and Teacher Day
This Saturday, 30th October 2010, HubB and I will be meeting Smellybutt's teacher for the year end Parents and Teacher Day. We'll see how much she has progressed so far, how's her behavior in the classroom and etc. I am really looking forward to meet her teacher!

Sports Day
It'll be an indoor sports event at Damansara on 7th November 2010, Sunday. Luckily indoor lah. If all of us gotto stay under the hot burning sun, it's gonna be a massive BBQ-grill-me-to-death day! According to Teacher Nel, Smellybutt belongs to Blue House team. To my surprise, she's the fastest among her group for the water game. Blue House team has got odd number of participants, thus Smellybutt has to do it twice (scoop water and pour into a bottle with funnel). So far, during her daily rehearsal in the morning, her team emerges as champion @_@ unbelievable! Well, it's just a game for the kids. If her team looses out on the actual day, no big deal lah. As long as they are all happy will do. But I really hope that she won't give us a negative reaction if her team looses out. Teacher Nel told me that there are some 4 year old boys who are so into winning the game. The moment that 2 boys see the other group is winning, they will freeze themselves and refused to continue the game. They cried out loud instead +_+ Gosh...they are just 4 years old leh and they took it so hard! It's just a game. I wonder what will happen to them if they don't get full mark for their exam. Scary.....

Btw, Smellybutt was feverish since yesterday evening and throughout the night. Not too serious, her temperature was at the border of getting fever, 37.3 to 37.6 degree. But this morning at 11am, her temperature shot up a bit to 38.1 degree even after 1 hour of medication. My mom brought her to see Dr. Tan, her beloved Pediatrician. She had throat infection....that's what triggered the fever lah. Must be overdosed of Rocky biscuit over the weekend, so it's HubB's fault (coz both of them were happily munching it non stop!) :P Glad that she is still very active, so no worry. I pray hard for her speedy recovery, coz she certainly doesn't want to miss out the Halloween Parties which all of us are looking forward to!

Get well soon my dear!


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