13 October, 2010

My 33 week pregnancy check up

Had my routine check up yesterday and this round I've gained almost 2.5kg, which was just nice for me, said Dr. Tan. I'm now weighing at 52.1kg with my bulging belly measuring at 104cm. Lil BB's weight has increased, from 1120gm to 1570gm, a total of 450gm increment. Dr Tan commented that Lil BB's growth and weight record is just nice also lah, no worry. Everything was fine, so it was a quick check up yesterday.

Thereafter, HubB and I went to 1st Floor to check out their rooms. They have 3 types of room:

1) plenty of single bed in a room with curtain as partition - RM60/nite. For this type of room, the husband is not allowed to stay back with his wife as space is limited. Mommies without complication after deliver may opt for this type of bed.

2) Family Suite - a nicely furbished queen size bed (those that we use in our own house ya) plus a single hospital bed at RM240/nite. I was pointing at that cozy queen size bed and said to HubB "waa I can sleep on that bed wor!". Then the nurse smiled and said "no lah, that bed is meant for your family, maybe husband and kid. You will use this single hospital bed". LOL!! Dreaming ha...

3) Double Single bed - RM120/nite. There's only 1 single bed for husband to stay overnight plus another hospital bed for the mommy. I guess that I'll take this unit lah. Room is not too small also.

They won't provide 3 course meal, only bread and a cup of Milo drink. We may bring in our own food. That's fine with me. You know lah, hospital food sucks a big time ma. Last time when I delivered Smellybutt at HUKM, Level 7 private sector, the food ar...wuaaaa... @_@

My next check up will be 3 weeks from today. Thereafter will be every 2 weeks. Due date is coming soon and I feel like as if I've just conceived the other day =) Tik tok tik tok.....I'm getting more and more excited!

Oh btw, HubB and I have also decided to keep the stem cells this round. We did the same for Smellybutt too. So here's the kit from Cryocord, which we need to bring to the hospital the moment I've been admitted. But Dr Tan said that they also have a spare kit with them, so in case we didn't bring it on the delivery day, we still can pinjam theirs and thereafter we return ours to them.


LittleLamb said...

sad sad
i didnt do the stem cell for my kid. i feel so regret cos that can save life in any emergency right. but that time i dont hv money :(

Smelly Butt's Ama said...

Ya, for emergency use to save life.
don't blame urself for not doing it ya...due to budget constraint, you don't want it to happen also.


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