15 October, 2010

Busy bee weekends

October and November will be a busy month for me. Birthday celebrations all done for my 2 Octoberians VIPs - Dun Dun and Smellybutt. So my upcoming agendas are :

16th October, Saturday (9am~1pm)
Attending a breast feeding talk by Gina Yong at Bandar Utama. It's a sponsored talk, so it is FREE you know! I'm very excited, as this will be my so called "refresher course" =) I didn't attend any breastfeeding talk before I give birth to Smellybutt coz I really didn't have any exposure on BF. And yet I was very determined to breast feed her even before she was born. So what I did was, made countless of phone calls and SMS to Gina for SOS and browsing kellymom.com repeatedly to get some guides and info as well. With that, I managed to sustain my breast milk supply till Smellybutt self weaned off at the age of 16th month old.

30th October, Saturday
Gonna bring Smellybutt to attend a Halloween Party organized by Artworks Art and Craft Workshop. Again, I'm thrilled over this! Last year, we had a fun Halloween Party at my cousin's art centre. Unfortunately, she's not able to host for it this year coz she's very busy with her wedding preparation. So what would be Smellybutt's costume for this year's Halloween Party? I'm up with some DIY costume, will talk about it separately.

6th November, Saturday
It's Sports Day for Smellybutt! She will participate in a competition, i.e. hold a spoon, scoop some water and then fill in the bottle. Of course, there's a funnel on top of the bottle, otherwise the kiddies will not complete this game until dawn :P 3yr old student need not do marching, only 4yr old and above gotto do it. But according to Teacher Nel, 3yr old students will be walking next to the marching team, while holding a pair of pom-pom. Sort of a cheerleader's role for them lah. I did some rehearsal for her at home, for the water game. But this fella overruled it, coz half way practicing, she'll start to pour the water on other places and in the end wet the floor so much. What else...get scolding from me lah.

13th November, Saturday
That would be my beloved cousin sister's big day. Yeah, the same cousin sister that I've mentioned earlier. Wedding banquet will be held at Ritz Carlton Hotel. Smellybutt is the flower girl....and until today, there's no rehearsal for her yet. Cousin said, just go to the hotel earlier a bit and then practice a bit enough wor, walk straight only ma! Hehe. Sounds too simple ha. I really really hope it turns out well lah, don't embarrass the zhu kok couple and me Ok!

I'm so happy and looking forward to each of the above Saturday!


Chinneeq said...

we love our weekends too. some of our best part of having children right?

Haruki said...

Won't you be delivering baby in mid November? ;-) So much for plans...

Smelly Butt's Ama said...

haha ya la Chinnee! when our children's "wire" not sot sot dei, they are fun to be with :P

Haruki, my EDD is 1st Dec :) from last record, overdue 4 days. maybe this 2nd bb also same:P


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