22 October, 2010

DIY cum mix and match halloween costume

Here's what Smellybutt gonna look like on 30th October ~ being a cheecky puffy tutu witch! Pooff!!! And I will be the preggy mama witch!

These are the sketches I've made, on how to mix and match the DIY stuff with the clothing that we have at home in order to transform ourselves into a lovely witch....a witch without a flying broom =)

For Smellybutt

For Mommy

There's so many DIY stuff available online, just google a bit and I get loads of "how-to" info.

How to make a witch hat? click here.

Where to get a witch picture? Just google for witch clip art and you'll get thousands to choose from. This is the witch clip art (with yellow back ground) that I've chosen, printed, and shall be pasted on a piece of used cloth to be lightly sewn on our baju later. With the yellow color back ground on this clip art, it'll look outstanding on our dark brown/black top =)

another cute witch with a pumpkin

* pictures downloaded from Google

Since I'm done with the no sew tutu skirt for Smellybutt, now left the paper craft work only - witch hat and the witch picture sewn on our tops. Will do it this weekend.

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