23 November, 2010

Almost 3cm NOW!!

I just came back from my check up. Guess what?? As of today, 23rd Nov 2010 @ 8pm, my cervix has soften, Lil BB has engaged (Dr. Tan said "waaa I can feel the baby's head, heading down already!) and I'm almost 3cm! Wowee!! Dr. Tan said I'm SUPPOSED to deliver by tonight, as he'll help to stretch my cervix to the max. BUT, unfortunately my swab test result showed positive. Meaning I had contacted Group B Streptococcus (GBS Infection) down there =( Heavy growth result some more!! @_@
This bacteria is harmful to both mother and baby. But how did I get it? Nobody knows! Even doctors also can't explain it either.
Thus I was given 6 days course of antibiotic to get rid of it. Sigh.....I can't avoid that antibiotic now, coz if it is left untreated, my newborn will be in extreme danger, and may even lead to death +_+ Some little side effect from taking this pill, that I might get minor diarrhea. But it's Ok, no worries. Dr. Tan even added that minor diarrhea may help me to dilate faster too. Hahaha!
So.....what's next? I'll just have to wait for the time to come. Just watch out for any bleeding sign or contraction pain lah. In the event that I need to go on labour before I have completed my antibiotic, it's Ok. I will be given an antibiotic jab once I have admitted to the labour ward and still can go for normal delivery despite to the GBS problem =) But if this is my first child, the case is different then. According to Dr. Tan, if I'm delivering my first child with GBS infection, it is not advisable to go for natural birth as the chances of passing the bacteria to the infant is very very high. Thus, gotto go for C-section liao.

Geeeezz....it seems like my very first instinct, i.e. early delivery is so true! When I was carrying Smellybutt, she was late by 4 days, so now it is proven that the theory of "if first child is late, second child also late ke lah" is not so true :P I should be giving birth within this few days, the latest will be early next week. HubB asked me to stay at home, don't go to work anymore. But tomorrow I'll go back to the office for a while, to complete a little bit more task and handover some work to my superior lah.

I'm happy and very kan jeong at the same time!! Wish me luck please!


Lisa Chan said...

Oh.. smooth delivery ya.. take care!!

LittleLamb said...

jia you. all the best...

Debbie said...

Chern.. good luck and all the best!!!

Smelly Butt's Ama said...

Thanks everyone!!


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