16 November, 2010


Me : QQ, why did you sweat so much?
QQ : Because just now I.... I thiew-ing on the sofa lah!!

@_@ I couldn't get her, and asked her to repeat again. She still mentioned the word "thiew-ing".

Then only I figured out that she was trying to tell me she was jumping on the sofa, that was why she sweat so much! In Cantonese, "thiew" means jump. But there's another meaning for it in Cantonese, which I do not want to share it here lah :P You must be smiling now, if you know what I mean.

We had a good laugh over this newly invented word, and we can't find it from the Oxford Dictionary ya :P

But 1 thing for sure, my 3yo knows exactly how to use "-ing" now, though lari margin a bit. Good try!

1 comment:

LittleLamb said...

ahahhahahahahahha smellybutt very clever.


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