22 November, 2010

Flower Girl : She did it!

Here's the picture of the lil flower girls who did a good job for my beloved cousin's wedding banquet at The Ritz Carlton Hotel on 13th November 2010. Flower girls were needed twice as they had separate wedding banquet from the bride's family on the following week. Smellybutt wasn't smiling when I snapped this picture. She's always like that, ikut mood.

Me and the lovely bride during the cocktail session

Always got caught with this action :P

Mommies with the flower girls

This is the 2nd round of wedding banquet which we attended last Saturday at Grand Imperial Restaurant, Hartamas Shopping Centre.

Me @ 38weeks 3days tummy :P

That was Smellybutt's very first lollipop!! No idea who was the culprit offering her that forbidden food. I have never offered her sweets, and she yanked this whole piece of lollipop happily that night. The first and the last ya.....no more after this! I don't want to introduce her sweets as I feel that she's still too young for it, and I don't want to deal with any of her tooth decay issue later. Sweets are definitely not healthy for young kids and she may be addicted to it after a few try, so better stop it now. She dislike proper meal so mommy dislike sweets. Even if you take your meal properly, no sweets either :P Moreover, I believe she will have PLENTY of opportunities to have this evil junk food on her own without my knowledge, when she starts her primary school in 4 years time. So what's the hurry of introducing sweets to her? =)

And here's a short video of their rehearsal. Btw, that 2 boys are my cousin's sons too, kakilang =) And Sonia is my cousin's best friend's daughter.

Well done to 4 of them! =)

P/s : notice Smellybutt indulging herself with the lollipop to the max? She refused to let go of it during the rehearsal @_@

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