03 November, 2010

My 36th week pregnancy check up

The last round of check up was on 13th October 2010, that was 3 weeks ago. Yesterday night when I stood on the weighing machine, it showed 53kg. I only gained 1kg for the past 3 weeks +_+ Very little lah. But Lil BB's weight has increased from 1570gm to 2100gm. So the 1kg extra is being shared quite equally by 2 of us.

Since I've touched the 36th week already, Dr. Tan said "anytime from now". He has advised me to walk more and squat down more! Waaa no way for me to squat down more, coz the urge to give birth is so intense each time I do it. Very scary ler. What if suddenly the baby's head is out? LOL!! If giving birth can be that simple, I wish!

I'll be seeing him again in 2 weeks time. He'll perform an internal check down there, to see whether got any infection or not lah. And to see whether my "smart tunnel" exit is ready or not as well :P Haaaii....the geli part is finally here. I remember that 3yrs ago after I had that internal examination by my previous gynea, I couldn't describe more about the soreness experience after the examination . And I felt like it was just yesterday I had that soreness feeling. Now gotto go thru it again very soon....

I'm still packing my stuff a little bit more for my hospital bag. Also looking for a part time cleaner to do spring cleaning for my house, coz those ice age dust on the grill and window must be get rid off before Lil BB arrives. But my neighbour is renovating his house! Dust will still be accumulated even after a few round of spring/summer/autumn cleaning until the renovation is completed! @_@ Pening kepala liao.....that house next to mine has been empty for the past 5yr, and at this point of time lah somebody bought it and renovate it. Those major hacking and drilling is over, I guess. And please start painting the house NOW, before I start to stay at home for my count down. Unless if you use Nippon Odorless paint....hehehe.


Health Freak Mommy said...

Wah, squat down also got urge to give birth? Your bb's head must be really down. I squatted down a lot during my 3 pregnancies but no urge to give birth whatsoever haha. All 3 were delivered via C-Section. All the best 2 u!

Smelly Butt's Ama said...

haha Thanks Shireen!!


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