18 November, 2010

My 38th week pregnancy check up

Yesterday I was exactly in the 38th week of pregnancy. Had my check up a night before, after office hour as usual.

I have yet another surprising result that night. When stood on the weighing machine, the reading was 54.5kg. I have gained 1.5kg in 2 weeks time and that was quite a lot for me. And Lil BB weighing at 2.7kg too!!! I know I know....though it was just an estimated calculation from the ultra-sound scan, but still....that was far more than my expectation. She was just at 2.1kg - 2.2kg since 2 weeks ago. Lil BB can really put on weight that much in such a short period of time? Smellybutt's weight was only 2.3kg at birth. Hmm.....maybe my earlier prediction was right, that Lil BB's size would be slightly bigger than her jie jie.

Dr. Tan performed vaginal examination on me, to check whether I have any infection down there, and secondly to check whether my cervix has dilated or not. Luckily it wasn't too painful this time, more to uncomfortable feeling only during the examination. And the result was, my cervix has only dilated 1cm and not even soften yet. So, next week I'll be seeing him again for the same examination. He added that if still not dilated yet, he'll "help" me to dilate faster! I get what he meant @_@ Again, he has advised me to walk more, and squat more to speed up the dilation process. Ok Roger!

During the ultra-sound scan, he said "see, you are having Brixton Hicks now. that's a good sign". Oh yeah, I've started to experience Brixton Hicks since 2 weeks ago. I never had this during my first pregnancy. So this is really something new for me. But yesterday I had it pretty often than usual. And that made me asking myself non- stop, was that the real labour contraction or just some prolonged Brixton Hicks?? Naaah...if real labour contraction, I don't think I would be able to sit still on the sofa and enjoying the TV so much :P

Gosh, my due date is just 2 weeks apart. Time flies!!


LittleLamb said...

Wish u a smooth delivery soon. YES YES YES walk more. drink coconut water.

Smelly Butt's Ama said...

TQ!! =)


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