08 November, 2010

Improved version of Rukunegara

This has been recorded just a day before the actual Sports Day. Smellybutt has managed to memorize the Rukunegara, almost 90%. Though some lintang pukang oredi, but still acceptable lah =) She's not going to present it solo, so it's Ok, some more got leader mah :P She was a bit restless in this video, turning around and spread wide her legs +_+

That green stripes hat...it was a brand new 1, only cost RM3 from F.O.S. Bought a red stripes for Lil BB actually, then soon-bin get another 1 for Smellybutt lah. Else she might question me, "why I don't have?" :P Also plan to let her wear it on her pre-school Xmas Party, but I have not planned for her Xmas Party costume yet lah. I can't accompany her this round, coz Teacher Nel said the Xmas Party might be held on 19th December 2010 =( That's the time I'll be in jail with my confinement lady.

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