02 November, 2010

Parents and Teacher's Day for 2nd term

My Progress Book a.k.a report card!

Last Saturday, 30th October 2010, we went to Smellybutt's pre-school for the Parents and Teacher's Day. The so called "report card day" lah. Since my parents were not at home on that morning, so we have no choice but to tag her along. Luckily this round she behaved well, sat and play at the hall while HubB and I met her class teacher in the classroom. The 1st semester meet up with Teacher Nel was a bit drama, coz I went there with her and just before I'm done with the discussion with Teacher Nel, she started crying at the hall looking for me @_@

Overall, her performance for the 2nd half of 2010 has improved =) Glad to hear that! I guess she's doing very fine at her age now. Coz when she join the pre-school on Jan 2010, she was only 2 year 3 month old and is studying with those already 3 years old kids. She's officially 3 years old early last month. Not bad ha.

So here are some of the good points which the teacher has shared with us.....

1) She pays full attention to the teacher during lesson time
Wow.... that impress me very much. Coz the teacher told me that there are some of her classmates who will walk up and down, stare at the ceiling or wall, or even chit chatting with others during lesson hour. She can control herself from not joining the "happening" crowd =) Good job Smellybutt!

2) She has good memory
I bet she is! For instance, whenever we teach her something new, being a new word/phrase/song, immediately she can repeat after us fluently and accurately and she still remember it when we ask her about it after a long time. Her teacher told us that she can catch up well with the lesson, for counting and reading. She can recognize the letters and numbers pretty good.

3) She likes to repeat after the teacher
Err...I don't know if this is consider good or not lah. This is not the case where she repeats things which the teacher has just taught in the class. She's being a bit kepoh I would say :P When the teacher says " Lily, don't color outside the line ok", Smellybutt will repeat that to Lily again, who's sitting next to her! Sibuk rite! Hahaha!

Ms Kepohchi ^_^

4) She speaks louder than before
Before this, she used to answer her teacher very very softly....to the extend where the teacher almost can't hear her at all. But now she has increased her volume a bit =) Teacher said, "now can hear her answer from far, at least". At home, she has never been so soft spoken!! Not her style at all. And see what did the teacher wrote in her Progress Book...." Yi Qing is a soft spoken girl.....". Can't believe it lah..hehehe...that's my lil drama queen!

I don't expect her to be excellent in all subject. Achieving good or even satisfactory result is more than enough lah. She's still very young, still has a long way to go on studies. I want her to have a happy childhood experience!

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