01 November, 2010

Halloween Party - Round 2

31st October 2010, Sunday @ iCreate Studio

Hand made haunted house by my cousin! Cool!!

That's my creative cousin, also the owner of the art centre

Smellybutt de mini pirate!

Popo and Smellybutt, same tee!

Then she complaint head itchy, so off the bandana!

Then kids started to decorate the hat

After the hat decoration activity, it was the prize giving ceremony. By that time, Smellybutt already rubbing her eyes and told me "Mami, I sleepy already". It was only 7.30pm! That was the result of not taking her afternoon nap lah. So we headed home, and by 9am she was in her slumber land liao....ZzzZzz...

I've started to imagine myself handling 2 kids next year ^_^ more fun, and more preparation! ^_^ Looking forward to next year Halloween Party!


LittleLamb said...

oooo i can imagine the amount of FUN ur gal had... great 2 parties....

next yr... next yr around nov then plan again lor

Smelly Butt's Ama said...

hehe ya ya she had lots of fun, so do I!! next year sure heboh :P


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