12 November, 2010

When is Mei Mei coming out?

That's the question which Smellybutt has been bugging me lately. To answer her, I've asked her to come nearer to my tummy and get her to "advise" her little Mei Mei this, "Mei Mei, you come out after 20th Ok? We need to attend wedding dinners for 2 consecutive Saturdays (on the 13th and 20th Nov). Some more Baba is very busy with his work, and will only stop traveling until the 20th". My lil counselor did it obediently =) And 5mins later, she asked me again the same soalan cepu mas! Hmmm....then it was my turn to go nearer to her ear and repeat it again to her, what she has just told Mei Mei :P

She does seems to be very eager to meet her Mei Mei in person. Coz I've already assigned her some task which she needs to help me out after I have deliver Mei Mei. Example; bring me some water to clean up Mei Mei after poo poo, help me to change her diaper (say only lah, maybe just get her to bring me the diaper saja cukup!), play and teach her more...all because you are a big girl already and you'll be her Jie Jie! Maybe she feels that, finally she gets to rule someone at home in future. All this while, she has to listen to the adults only ma, so now there's someone who has to listen to her. Hehehe.

Yesterday, she shared something funny with me, which happened in her classroom. Apparently, her buddy classmate TT said to her " you are a small girl". She protested and responded to TT, "No, I'm not a small girl. I'm a big girl. I will become a Jie Jie very soon". LOL!! That was a pretty good answer!! Make sense also huh? ^_^

Anyway, I really hope things will go smoothly and peacefully for all of us after I have delivered Lil BB. I wish Smellybutt and Lil BB clicks well together and I'll try my best not to neglect her when I need to attend to Lil BB more often.

I love you both!!

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