01 November, 2010

Halloween Party - Round 1

30th October 2010, Saturday @ Halloween Party organized by Artworks Children Art & Craft Centre.

Mama Devil with De Lil Witch

My lil witch!

Upon arrival, gotto que-up for registration

Then registrant will be tagged and given a goody bag

That's Smellybutt's classmate, both same height but Smellybutt is the champion lah coz she's the lightest in her class!

Picture time

Part of the food for the kiddos

Art & craft work has begun...

Smellybutt had to assemble Mr Frankenstein
(with my help of course, otherwise all upside down!)
By the time reached home, Mr Frank loose 1 of his eye ball de :P

Art work done...waiting for the food to be served.
Err...no hand to snap picture after that coz I had to feed de witch! Mami was there, so the manja action took place lah.

Then all hold circle for the game!

By that time, both my legs almost detached from my body lah!! Freaking tired standing and walking around +_+ Kam si ng thung wong yat....with my big tummy, actions and movements are very much limited already. But despite to the tiredness, I really had a great time there with all the kids. Smellybutt was very happy too!

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