15 March, 2010

Field trip to the Lake Garden

Got this notice from Teacher Nel, which was attached in Smellybutt's report card. Sounds interesting isn't it?

I've tried to imagine her travelling with all her class/school mates and teachers with lots of fun there. Ok they might have the greatest fun, but for the teachers....hmmm...sure have some fun cum headache moment lah. No meh? See, they are offering this trip for student age ranging from 3 to 7 years old. It should be a big crowd a.k.a. rombongan cik kiah =)

I have just enrolled my lil gal for this school holiday trip. Teacher Nel told me that parents/guardian may follow as well, with some nominal fees lah. At first, I was kinda worried of Smellybutt to join this trip. Worried whether she will be missing out there (touch wood!), worried of her donating blood to the hungry lil flying draculas. Worried so much because this will be her very first outing without me or Popo. But on second thought, if I were to join her as well, I foresee her being mischievous and that would defeat the whole purpose. Nah, better not joining them la. If I go along, might as well I get HubB to bring us there lah. And to prevent the blood donation drive, I will arm her with mosquito repellent spray.

My prediction, which I believe will be 99.99% true:
  • she will stick to me all time
  • doesn't allow me to talk to other kids
  • doesn't want to play with her classmates
  • not following teacher's instruction
I want her to mix around with more kids (and therefore catch more virus from them!! no thanks), participate in group activity in different environment, learn to share with others (currently she's Ms Kedekut no. 1) and help each other too. You know ar, at home she is constantly telling me 'don't want to let TT do coloring, don't want to let MM play this, don't want to let Thung Thung play that...bla bla bla". At this age (2yr+), children tends to keep everything for themselves and the idea of sharing is just against their rule. This is what I read from Baby Centre the other day. Very true lah.

I really hope that she will enjoy her self to the max, eat all she can, play all she can and feed the deers kao kao. Help me to maximize the fees which I've paid, Ok? And come back tell me how you all (the lil devils) tortured the teachers! Muahahahaha.

I need to remind Teacher Nel to take more pictures for that outing. Erm....if can, just add a few extra clicks for Smellybutt, will ya? Kawan kawan punya pasal lah ni.

Here's the latest feedback from Teacher Nel, pertaining to Smellybutt's performance in the class.

No wonder lah....lately I do noticed her that half way doing coloring, she will make some dot dot dot (semi violently!) on the book. So, rupa rupanya she has mastered the skill to trace dotted lines. Well done lil fella.

Due to her condition now, at least not sniffing but still cough a bit occasionally, she still get to have some water play today. Already gave Teacher Nel a green light lah. As long as the water level in the plastic pool is low (perhaps up to the bontot), it is fine for her. Splash! Splash!

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