05 March, 2010

More jigsaw puzzle

Lately Smellybutt seems to be so in love with jigsaw puzzle. Here's another new simple puzzle which I've bought from Jusco, only RM7.90. But this is too simple for her, as she can do it all by herself after we demo to her once.

Cheap though but it doesn't come with a base. So we just used a double sided tape to stick a small piece of paper at the back of it.

Yesterday, my mom saw some cute jigsaw puzzle from a shop which sells cheap stuff all made in China. Each of it only costs RM2!!! Smellybutt was with her at that time, and she was so happy to bring them back home. Each set consists of 20pcs. My mom has demo to her once, and reminded her to complete the side way first. Yesterday night, it was her turn to demo to me =) and she has managed to complete more than half of the jigsaw puzzle, thru trial and error. First attempt on this slightly larger scale, not bad at all :)

Oh btw, she said something really funny to me while she was playing with it. When she found the right piece which fitted the puzzle correctly, I said "Very good!!" and then she automatically said "ama jiak ku loot!!" (literally means mommy eats choc). LOL! I used to say this to my friends when I was younger. It was meant to tease people lah, something like padan muka awak. So, how come she knew that ayat power? It was my mom lah, she said that to her once or twice coz Smellybutt hurt herself when told her not to do the dangerous thing.

Really glad that she loves to play with jigsaw puzzle, as it is good for children. Here are some of the benefits:
  • problem solving skill in young minds
  • improves hand eye coordination, fine motor skills and attention
  • creates self confident and self-motivated learners

Go get 1 or more for your children!

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