05 March, 2010

Jolly holiday on the way, I hope

MATTA Fair is coming soon, 12 - 14 March 2010 @ PWTC. Last year, we had our very first overseas trip (Guang Zhao, China) with Smellybutt, who was then 16mth old. So this year, HubB is planning for a 1 week trip to Taiwan, and if possible we shall visit Bali too. To add up the excitement, we (mom,sis,Smellybutt,myself) might be heading to New Zealand in May. Woohoo!!! So many holidays and yet so little money and annual leaves (total of 20 days of annual leave for this year) +_+

Our plan is like this:
  • Taiwan - will take up full package from the tour agency. my in laws will be joining as well.
  • Bali - should be full package also lah.
  • New Zealand - free and easy! Which means we'll only buy air ticket and thereafter we loan a caravan and my sister will be the ultimate driver. my mom wants to harvest apple lah, grapes lah....so we will be staying in those ulu area where only greenery view surrounding us. haaaa...how peaceful is that!
Though it would (and better be!) nice to visit NZ, but the time spend in the airplane...duhh....more than 10 hours flight +_+ I have motion sickness problem, so with this long hour flight, I may need to pop another Novomin pill so that nothing will come out from my mouth throughout the journey, especially when turbulence strikes . I hate turbulence! On average, 1 Novomin pill effectiveness will last for about 6hour. I need to stock up my magic pill then, even for Taiwan and Bali trip too.

To tag along Smellybutt for each of the overseas trip is not a problem for us. She loves to travel and so far she has been very well behaved (touch wood!) during our trip to Guang Zhao and the latest was Sarawak back in Nov 2009. She has never threw a single tantrum while we were on the airplane, bus, van, car, taxi, ferry and train. See, just a single trip to Guang Zhao and she managed to be on board for all sorts of vehicle. She has never been cranky when it's time for her afternoon nap and also at night. She will always be in the high chair during each meal time even though she doesn't eat. Ok, will play with the food, spoon and chopsticks occasionally. That's fine, at least she's under control and not screaming her lung out to get down from the high chair and start wondering around. The only problem we had was during her milk time. For that past 2 trips, she has yet to attend her pre school thus less discipline. But now, she behaves better and would obediently finish up her 6oz of milk pretty fast, as compare to last time. But on weekdays attending her pre school, she's the champion lah, quietly gulp down 8.5oz of milk in less than 3min. I wish she could 'perform' the same when we travel with her next time.

Taiwan's weather in April is quite cooling, estimated temperature is 21-25 degree celsius. Oh dear, cooling means I have to pack more clothes. More clothes mean more kg. More kg means more bag. FYI, our luggage bags to Guang Zhao almost exceeded the weight limit even before we reach there!! Ya lah, have to bring thick clothing, have to bring so many Heinz jar food for Smellybutt. Not light leh those glass jar. I hope this round, if we really make it for the Taiwan trip, we'll pack lesser but better =)

So it's time to review our passport validity first before we do any holiday trip booking. Will blog about it separately.

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