12 March, 2010

Not all vaporub suits infants and toddler

Just to share with you the info which my mom found from a children's health forum. I believe many of us have tried using Vicks Vaporub to relief cold symptom, by rubbing some of it on our chest. I did that before when I was in primary school. But do you know that such vaporub is dangerous to infant and toddler if you never use it correctly? Vicks Vaporub also contains a not-too-friendly-herb call camphor, which can be found in moth ball. Camphor is very dangerous for infant/toddler's brain . Even pregnant woman should also stay away from moth ball, as it will also affect the fetus/baby's brain development. You may want to read this and this on how Vicks Vaporub affect children if wrongly used.

Last Sunday when Smellybutt had flu and cough attack, we wanted to apply some vaporub on her chest and sole, just to ease her from blocking nose. But we dare not use any other vaporub balm found over-the-counter. I remembered that I saw an organic based balm from The Baby Loft @ Desa Park City. So I told my mom to get 1 from that shop when she goes to the morning market. But my mom saw another baby shop there and went straight to that shop. She bought this instead.

Badger, an aromatic balm which is organic based and is suitable for infant/toddler. Price wise, quite expensive (RM32.90). But never mind lah, at least it's safe for my child. So mommies please be careful with the balm you use to clear your lil one's stuffy nose.

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chinnee said...

ya..that camphor thing. But now the boys are almost 2 years old, i no longer so worry about using Vicks, hehe...


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