10 March, 2010

Subconjunctival hemorrhage

or commonly known as red eye. Yesterday night, I reached my mom's house at about 9pm+ and the moment I stepped into the house, my dad showed me his blood shot eye! I tell'ya, his left eye was soo soo SO RED. I was panic a bit and asked him what had happened to him? He told me that he doesn't feel any pain, eye sight was still normal, no itchiness, no dryness. Just red! He only noticed it at about 9am yesterday. In the afternoon, when he wanted to have his lunch, he went to a Pharmacy and seek advice from the Pharmacist! I mau pengsan liao when he told me so. Red eye and yet still can ignore it and went to a Pharmacist instead? *slapped forehead*. Anyway, the Pharmacist asked him whether he had any high blood pressure problem or not? Yeah, my dad is suffering from high BP, and on medication. So the Pharmacist told him that it could be due to his high BP. He just prescribed my dad with a small bottle of eye drop. No, not Eye Mo. A special type of eye drop which has disinfection function.

A moment later, my sister reached home and I told her the same story. She will accompany my dad to The Tun Hussein Onn National Eye Hospital (THONEH) for check up. Actually, my dad went there before early last year, as he complaint that his eye sight was not too clear. After the check up at THONEH, the eye specialist explained to us that his retina has shrunk, due to old age. His retina is getting more 'fragile' hence it was not as smooth as before. His retina berkedut already. If given a straight line for him to see, he would tell us that the line was crocked a bit, not straight. Coz his retina also crocked liao.

My sister and I Google about red eye and we found this website. That was where we found the term subconjunctival hemorrhage, which described my dad's eye condition. I am a bit relieved after reading about red eye from that website. At least I know that his red eye condition will subside within 1 week time and it doesn't affect his eye condition at all. I hope.

They should have reached THONEH by now. Hopefully they don't have to wait too long for their turn as that hospital is always full of people, just like at the immigration office.

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