18 March, 2010

Mama Patch 1st Anniversary

It’s Mama Patch 1st Anniversary!

Check out their finest handmade at http://www.mamapatch.com
Join as a FAN at http://www.facebook.com/mamapatch

My heartiest congrats to Mama Patch!!

Time flies....Mama Patch is already 1 year old! I want to win 1 piece of her exclusive Pastel Silk Baby Ring Sling!! Oh btw, Chinnee has asked me whether My MiniB Shoppe is turning 1yr old too in March? Tssk..tssk..tssk..sendiri also lupa! Yeah, I've started it almost the same time with her too. Let's see what shall I do for MiniB Shoppe's 1st year anniversary.

I tell you, Chinnee's ring sling is very nice as I've tried wearing Smellybutt with it during a talk/demo at FabulousMom shop in Puchong last year. Talking about ring sling....I've bought a pair of nice ring from her and till now (daughter already 29mth old!!) I have yet to make a ring sling for Smellybutt. Lousy...lousy...No time lah (my ever green excuse). I hope I can win 1 so that I can use it for my New Zealand (NZ) trip in May 2010. Smellybutt is 10kg now (see, she inherits my extremely outstanding metabolism power) and although she's small size for her age, but to carry her for more than 20mins seems to be a torture for us, especially when we travel. So I need a carrier for our NZ trip! We all want to be back home sweet home in 1 piece!! I mean we don't want to break our own hands/back bone lah (touch wood!).


Chinneeq said...

u ah..keep that rings until now? can make for no 2 liao lor...hahaha!! eh, thanks for posting. good luck to you!

Smelly Butt's Ama said...

hehehe...TQ! hope didi/korkor will select me!


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