10 March, 2010

Self reporting to her Pediatrician

Last Sunday, Smellybutt was down with flu and cough accompanied by phlegm again = ( Don't know why the attack seemed to be so frequent recently. She had just recovered from the stubborn phlegm 2 weeks ago, and now it's back.

On Monday at 6am, she had mild fever measuring at 37.5 degree celsius. I gave her the fever medicine and the fever subsided an hour later. At about 10am, my mom and I brought her to see Dr Tan, her Pediatrician. While waiting for her turn, I suggested to her to greet Dr Tan good morning! She nodded and demo to me with her chirpy voice. Then I told her "later why not you go and tell Dr Tan what's wrong with you. Ok?". Again she nodded happily.

Just before her name was called by the nurse, I saw some Bandaraya officers busy issuing summon outside the clinic. OMG! My car!! Yeah, I parked my car illegally at the yellow line. All other people did the same coz the parking space was very very limited there. I hurried out and quickly drive away. Finally I have to park my car near Teacher Nel's kindy and then walked all the way back to the clinic. It was just a 3min walk lah. When I went back into the clinic, both my mom and Smellybutt were not at the waiting hall anymore. Must have gone into the room already lah. I quickly went inside and joined them. As I was trying to tell the Doc about Smellybutt's condition, Dr Tan said to me while laughing "it's Ok, I knew it already. She has told me everything just now". Hahahaha. This was what had happened, which I've missed out!! How sad.

As soon as the nurse called out Smellybutt's name, my mom brought her to the room. The moment my mom opened the door, Smellybutt ran towards Dr Tan and greeted him "Good morning Doc!!". Dr Tan also terkejut, and greeted back to her too. Smellybutt immediately reporting to the Doc about her condition.

"ngo khat ar" - I cough ar

"ngo lau bei thai ar" - My hingus coming out ar

"ngo yao tham ar" - I have phlegm ar

Then my mom touched her forehead, and she added "ngo fat siew ar" - I have fever ar

Kakakakakakka!!! I bet she must be very cheeky while telling all these to the Doc!! Even Dr Tan also laughed and commented to her "hehe, you so cute lah. can tell me all these also".

Waaaa...I am so proud of her. She even opened her mouth very big when the Doc wanted to examine her throat. She breathed in and out heavily as per instruction, while Doc examining her lung and chest via the stethoscope. She has indeed become very friendly with Dr Tan. The last 2 round of visit to Dr Tan wasn't a pleasant 1 coz she cried even before we stepped into the clinic O_o That was 2mth ago. Now I'm truly happy with her communication skill, with the Doc!

The nurse explained to me about the prescribed medicine for Smellybutt, and she told me that the flu medicine could cause drowsiness, hence Smellybutt will be sleepy after taken it. I told her that the previous round of flu medicine doesn't seemed to effect her at all. She was still as active as before after taken it. This round, Doc has changed to another type for both flu and phlegm (coz I told him that the previous phlegm ubat tarak jalan lah!).

Smellybutt was on 'medical leave' for 3 days. Today she is back to the pre school. Her cough and flu subsided a lot faster as compared to the previous round of attack. Phlegm also not as much as before. Yay!!!

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