05 March, 2010

Passport photo 'expired' already

My mom's passport validity period is expiring this March 2010 so she will renew it this Saturday. Saw an article in the newspaper saying that lately the immigration office is jam pack with people. Must be due to the up coming MATTA Fair lah, all rushing to renew/apply for passport to go makan angin. Then yesterday night my mom was asking me whether I need to change Smellybutt's passport photo to the latest 1. Hmm...good question. I had a friend telling me that need not do so as her daughter's passport is still with her own 6mth old baby photo, is still valid. Now her daughter is 2yro I guess. She brought her daughter to Singapore during CNY and it was alright wor.

BUT but but...my colleague just told me that she nearly got tahan by the Bandung, Jakarta custom officer coz her daughter's picture already outdated. The custom officer warned her to change her daughter's photo to the latest one. To do this, according to her it was FOC and only need to bring along 2pcs of new passport sized photo and fill in the form. I better change Smellybutt's passport photo lah, sekali sampai Taiwan kena tahan, pengsan liao.

So tomorrow we gotto reach the immigration office when the sky is still dark. Want to beat the traffic in the immigration office! But if I'm not mistaken, there's a special counter for warga emas and small children. But
what if that special counter also penuh? Better be there as early as possible.

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