19 March, 2010

Mini taukeh soh

I'm so happy to have bought, or rather rebut this set of kitchen (brand is Lil Chef) from a blogshop seller. Yes! It's a 2nd hand item and is selling like hot cake! I've missed out a few time, not fast enough to rebut it with other buyers. Hahahaha. Who would have thought of such thing is so laku leh. Though 2nd hand, it is still in good condition. Only the top rack color has faded a bit (it's red and memang red color can fade easily). In total, I've paid RM120 inclusive of shipping fee. Those new set from Mothercare or Toy's R Us will cost me a bomb - RM350 to RM450/set without accessories!! Seller used KTM service as shipment method. I've never heard before leh.

It has these features:
  • build in oven
  • build in cabinet (the other side of the kitchen)
  • stove - both gas stove and induction cooker style! don't play play :P
  • a sink with water tap (Smellybutt's top favorite!)

I first saw this kind of kitchen set from Teacher Nel's school. It is so cute and the first time Smellybutt saw it, she was very in love with it as well. I have informed my parents about this item, so they need to keep an eye on the postman. I told them that once the parcel has arrived, try not to open it first as I will assemble it when I'm back home. But I didn't know that it came without a box. The seller just wrapped the whole set with cling wrap O_O Like that also can....geng!

So...when I reached home, the bottom part of the kitchen already been unwrapped. Smellybutt was so eager to play with it, so excited with it!

Here's the happy taukeh soh, with her kitchen.

DunDun bought this mini teapot for her from the morning market quite some time ago. It is very cute actually, and now it matches the kitchen so well. We can't touch it, otherwise there will be a stern warning from taukeh soh, "Don't Touch!!".

Almost every night she will "hoi dong", start her business with our orderings - Popo wanted a cup of Latte, DunDun wanted a cup of kopi-o and a cup of barley ice for myself. But most of the time, we never get our drinks. Because half way doing it, all of the sudden she'll ask us to brush teeth, gargle and then wash our hands in the sink!!! Her favorite activity is wash hand and play the water tap. Wherever we go for our meal, her eyes will wonder around looking for a sink and water tap. When she found it, she will demand us to carry her to the sink and wash her hand. But when we wanted her to wash her hand after playing with her stuff, she refused. Pengsan or not....

See, she looks so dedicated to her job!

It came with a few pieces of masak masak tools only. So majority of the cooking tools are her own collection. There are so many other types of accessories for the kitchen set. Once I saw a big box from Toys' R Us which contained lots of mini plastic canned food, juice bottles, oyster sauce lah, etc etc. Not cheap you know, that 40 over pieces of accessories costs about RM50++ if not mistaken.

No regret of buying this kitchen set for her. It is nice and fun to interact with her this way. She gets to learn and enhance her fine motor skill, vocab and politeness whereas we get entertainment from her :P

Once she gets bored with this kitchen and really 100% ditch it aside, I can sell it out again =)


t3ngt3ng said...

Taukeh soh, wantan mee satu!! :P

Wah kecik kecik edi got potential becoming a biz woman. bagus bagus *claps*

How come when we were kids that time don't have such nice kitchen set wan? I come your house and play boleh kah? lol

-thethinker- said...

which blogshop woor ?? can share boh ?

Smelly Butt's Ama said...

muahahaha cik teng2, come come! now my ama's house no more species yg u takut :P our time ka...main itu 'shuet sui dong' punya lah! LOL!

thethinker, here u go : http://babyroomclearance.blogspot.com/2010/03/kidkraft-island-kitchen.html

there's another new kitchen up for grab!! very nice!!

Chinneeq said...

si tau po, bakuteh, satu mangkul pls!

LittleLamb said...

wah...really like real..
good. she will be very good in kitchen next time.


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