17 March, 2010

Sheeps, we'll meet you soon!

I wanted to write about this on Monday, but unfortunately something 'greater' took place =(

Ok...I'll put that ' something greater' aside first, don't want to think about it anymore. Shall move on and look forward to my trip visiting the sheeps! I've wrote about my coming-soon-holiday-plans 2 weeks ago. Can guess which trip is for real ka? Check out the below picture.

MYR 10,606 is the total amount for 4 of us (sista, mom, Smellybutt and myself) for a flight to..........................

New Zealand! Very glad that we have booked the tickets and it is our committed trip now. MAS had great offer for their air tickets during the recent MATTA Fair, but if we do online booking the price would be even cheaper too! Our pockets hole was so much smaller. Haha. Each of us paid a fair amount of RM2,600 inclusive airport tax for a direct flight from KL to Auckland. 2 months ago, the fair for each person was RM4K not inclusive of airport tax. Siow ar!!

This will be a 16 days trip to NZ, a totally free and easy trip. We'll rent a car, maybe a Camry and will drive all the way to the south. Since only 4 of us are travelling, a caravan will be a waste as it is a 7 seater vehicle. Estimated cost for renting a Camry would be RM1k for a total of 15 days usage. Will stop at a few places and overnight in the apartment. We can either have a 1 room or 2 rooms apartment at a reasonable price, fully furnished and we can cook for ourselves too. We need to cook, as we can't afford to have great feast 3x a day.

We are scheduled to take off on 21st May and back to KL on 6th June. The average temperature from March to May (Autumn season) is between 10 - 24 degree celcius. That's for day time Ok. Night time will be super freezing cold. Shiveringgg.....Their summer time (around December) is the best as the temperature is around 20 - 25 degree celcius, the max. But that period of time would be the most expensive time to visit NZ. Kachinggg!!!

Since the weather is cold, I need to start searching for some nice and comfy winter clothes for lil Smellybutt. As of now, I already reserved a piece of winter jacket for her, from My Mini B Shoppe. I love this piece of Gorgeous Red jacket!

And also a set of this, to cover her mini head, ears and tiny neck! She's having the orange color set. It has a 3D lady bird attached on the hat and scarf. Very cute!

I need to pump her more with Shuanghor Lingzhi and Bee Pollen, as I want her health to be on tip top condition when we travel. Actually kinda worry of her too, coz the weather in NZ is really cold in the month of May. Hope everything will be fine.


eyna said...

ya laa sometime Matta Fair is not much different with DIY pakej.. we can save more for hotel n etc. kan kan... btw.. tak sabar tgu your entry about NZ :)

chaiyok chaiyok..

Smelly Butt's Ama said...

hehehe ya ya betui!!

LittleLamb said...

you also taking Shuanghor LZ and Bee poolen??

I used all their products..

Have a good trip to NZ

Smelly Butt's Ama said...

oh! U too? I've been taking it since I was preggie(2nd trisem). kam ngam keh =)


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