31 July, 2009

3rd update for flower girl wannabe training

I love this round of training. I had switched off the light in the living hall and only leave a small light at the back, just before she would enter from the main door. Make it more like the lighting condition on the real big day. Hahahaha. Oh, I also managed to dig out a smaller basket for Smellybutt. I cut the used straws into small pieces and put it into the basket, just to let her mimic the action of throwing flower petals, gently, onto the floor while walking on the isle. How gentle would it be? See it yourself :)

She took her own sweet time to pick up each of the small pieces of straws and throw them onto the floor, did it all on 1 same spot! Not moving at all until I have to repeatedly remind her to keep walking ahead. Muahahahaaa. I'm looking forward to more training after this. It is getting better, and above all, funnier each round!!

At the end of the video, I was telling her that if she continues to be like that, the bride will run away!

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