14 July, 2009

For a Dracula, not

HubB asked me whether do I know what is this thing for?
My immediate reply was, "got dracula here??"
Though it doesn't have a very sharp point at the tip of the kayu...but still can stab it on a dracula right? :P Ok, maybe still need a hammer's help also lah.
The founder/inventor of this gadget is my FIL. Cool!!

Of course it is not for a dracula...it is a weapon for the King of fruit!
Yeah...this King, really the King lah, coz it rules the house with its smell!!! Arrgghhh!!
I don't really like durian now. During my secondary school time, I still can accept it, but not now!
Here's the picture how to use this DIY kayu.
Firstly, you aim at the middle point, which is at the bottom part of the durian.

Next, give a little push on the kayu and you'll get a small crack on the durian. I find it amazing! You don't really need to use a knife at all.

Once you can see the durian's "mouth" is getting bigger, continue to push the kayu up and down. Then just use your hand to split the durian into 2.

Taaada!! Finally you'll be able to harvest the yellow soggy smelly fruit!

Surprisingly, Smellybutt loves it! She ran to the living hall, just to grab the small stool chair and ran back to the kitchen, sat beside her Papa....and both of them enjoy the durian so much! One bite after another. I really behtahan, and walked out from the kitchen, to catch some fresh air!!

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