02 July, 2009

Tak mau, nen nen!

Smellybutt's vocabulary is getting stronger, funnier and sometimes scarier!

She knows how to say "tak mau" very clearly.

Popo : QQ, how to say "tak mau"?
QQ : (very proud) tak mau!
Popo : QQ tak mau apa?
QQ : tak mau...nen nen!!

LOL!!! Of all the things, she has chosen to say "nen nen" to complete her sentence! Panai-nye budak ni.

Popo : No no...tak mau ah-jen better
QQ : (she'll laugh while replying) tak mau NEN NEN (shouting out!)

We all had a good laugh over this conversation. I wonder whether she knows the real meaning of "tak mau" ke? Hmmm....

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