08 July, 2009

Flower girl wannabe

I was so thrilled when Aunty Dory (not her real name lah hehe) informing me that she wanted QQ to be the lil flower girl on her big day. And her big day is just 3 months away from now.

Can QQ do it? We both are still not sure whether she can really follow our instruction to walk down the aisle holding the small basket of flowers. Aaaaah...so sweet of her doing it...IF she can really do it lah.

She is now exactly 21 month old, 1 day (yesterday was her 21 month old birthday). By mid of October 09, she's already 2yr old. Geeeez...time flies huh....tak sangka anak aku sudah begitu besar oooo! Besar in the sense of age, not her size though :P With that young age, can she do it ka? can? can?

How bad could it turn out to be? Both of us have the same thought, the worst case scenario on her big day while walking into the hall (choy!choy!choy!). These are what we could imagine of :
  • QQ start crying while half way walking into the hall (coz she realizes that she's not the bride! Hahaha kidding kidding)
  • throw the basket and run away! (most probably run towards her beloved Dun Dun)
  • refuse to walk the moment the main door is open
  • I can't think of any other horriric scene! I hope not.
I told Aunty Dory that I'll conduct an intensive training for QQ. Won't force her to do it, but will make it a fun and happy 'training' for her :P Huhuhuhu.

Will post about the training progress from time to time. QQ, JUST DO IT! QQ Boleh!

p/s : actually ar...yesterday itself I've already asked QQ to practice the steps. Muahahaaha..seems like I'm over excited now! I let her carry a small box (lazy to dig out a basket from the store room) and asked her to walk behind me. We started off from the house main door, and slowly walked into the living hall. She was happily walking behind me, holding the box. Not even the 4th step, she ran away towards Popo, asking for some grapes which she was having at that ime. Kekekekeke. That was fun...and funny!


Anonymous said...

akkaakkakaka, QQ boleh@!! :D See how la...update aunty dory on the intensive training ya.

Smelly Butt's Ama said...

hehe i just love ur "see how la"... :)


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