08 July, 2009

In the process of "Budiperdiri"

We all know that the word berdikari is a shortform for berdiri atas kaki sendiri, in English means independant. Ever heard of the word "budiperdiri"? It means buka diaper sendiri. Muahahaaha...I've made it up lah. That's my very own version, you can't find it from Kamus Dewan Bahasa ok :P

I think Smellybutt is trying to be "diaperless". But this will only happen when she's not too focus with what she's doing - that is playing. Haha.

All this while, she would only inform us that she wants to poo poo. And we'll quickly remove the cloth diaper for her and put her on the potty. But lately, we noticed that sometimes whenever she wants to pee or poo poo , she'll remove her cloth diaper by herself, look for the potty and sit on it all by herself too. It guess that it is a sign from her to be independant on potty. Popo said why not we try to remove the cloth diaper for a few hours, only let her wear a short pants at home. I think we should give it a try. Then I've explained to her these :

Me : QQ, you are not wearing any pan-pan (means clothe diaper) now ya. If you want to pee or poo poo, you must quickly tell us ya. Or else, your pants will be wet wet and dirty.

QQ : Aaaa (nodded her head)

In order to verify her understanding, I've asked her again what to do without her pan-pan.

Me : QQ, if you want to pee or poo poo, what should you do?

QQ : Open pan-pan shue shue (means pee/poo poo)

Me : Panai ar!! If you don't open pan-pan (I guess that she has forgotten that she's wearing a short pants actually), what will happen?

QQ : Wet wet ooo...dirty...

Hehehehe. I really love the way she answered me. Ok lah, I think she really understand what I've taught her. So, we just put her on a short pants.

For the first hour, she did inform us that she wanted to pee. She also tried to remove her short pants by herself too. We were quite impressed by her already. I did remind her again that she's not wearing a pan-pan. In case she has forgotten that she's diaperless and terkencing on the floor or sofa.

But it happened. She was indeed too concentrated on her books and toys, therefore she accidently wet the sofa. The moment she wet the sofa, she jumped out of the sofa and pointed at it with horror and said "wet wet oooo"! The way she jumped up was funny actually. So fast, like a rabbit!
She felt guilty with it. We just told her that it is alright, we'll clean the sofa. Then we put her on pan-pan again. After that incident, she did continue to remove the cloth diaper and look for the potty by herself.....whenever she remembers to do it lah :P

Anyway, we were happy that she can actually go diaperless for 2 hours. Hehe.

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