13 July, 2009

Almost everyday "grasshoper leh?"

It all started when Dundun spotted a grasshopper outside the house. Smellybutt loves bugs and insects. So Dundun gently get hold of that grasshopper and keep it in a plastic container. Dundun poked some holes on the container so that it still can breath in there.

Dundun taught her to say "chou mang" which means grasshopper. Before the sky turns dark, Dundun free it from the container. The grasshopper went off, hopping from one leaf to another and finally fly up high.

Dundun : QQ, chou mang fly away already ok.
QQ : Chou mang fei....(fly)
QQ : Dundun...chou mang leh?
Dundun : Chou mang went back home already. chou mang wants to find his mama.
QQ : Chou mang find mama....drink nen nen!!

LOL!! Her last sentence was so funny lah!! The grasshopper went back home to find his mama, to drink nen nen. Hahahaha.

From then onwards...she has been asking me where's chou mang, almost everyday. And I will definately ask her back why did it went home? I love to listen to her replying me "chou mang fan ook khei, wan mama, sik nen nen lor" (the grasshopper went home find his mama, drink nen nen). But sometimes I purposely ask her this question, just to listen to her sweet reply :)

Smellybutt's speech development is getting better and better everyday. Whenever she answers us, she'll try to make a full sentence answer. We all love to chat with her now!

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