09 July, 2009

We both love the camera so much

Smellybutt and I share lots of same interest, besides the fact that we both look alike, that's what claim by most of my friends and relatives. We share the same (ahem...pretty) face, the same sexy slim size body (please excuse us..muahahaa), must wear super XS size baju and finally love shoes and bags a lot. Yeah...I do agree that we both look alike, but wait until you guys take a look at my own 1-2yr old pictures. I'm trying to scan my zaman dinasour yellowish photos, compile it together with Smellybutt's. I'm sure everyone will be amazed with that special album. Stay tuned.

Here's what we normally do at home...to be more precise, during her meal time. If I never take out my camera from my bag, she knows where to find it and will start asking for it by saying "mama...chak chak".

We love to do this together most of the time:
  • I will snap pictures for her
  • Then she'll run to me and say "mama..see"
  • We both start flicking the pictures from the camera
  • Sometimes she will kecoh a bit, wants to press the next button on the camera
  • I will definately enlarge the picture while viewing. It's my habit to do so...which actually irritates my HubB and sister :P

She has never failed with this default pose.

She cheated me! I said we both must close our eyes.

So cooperative....mata kasi tutup rapat rapat :)

Did her best!


chinnee said...

so sweet yur lil girl :)

Smelly Butt's Ama said...

hehe thx :)

Anonymous said...

kakaka, good update! :D keep it up. love to read

Watie Aziz said...

so cute leh ..ur baby ..sudah besar ahh...ehhehebila mau satu lagik??

Smelly Butt's Ama said...

dory...mmuaaakssss..thx for ur loyalty :)

watie,hehehe...nak mencoba la nie...wish me luck!


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