29 July, 2009

She scares me again and again

Haih....HubB and I were so annoyed with Smellybutt last Sunday. She has been doing it whenever we are in the car. All of the sudden, she would say this to me "mama, vomit aaa". I tell you ar....the moment I heard the word vomit, I will be very panicky. I'm phobia of vomit. Very very phobia of vomit. And this naughty girl is telling me she wants to vomit each time when we are in the car, on the way to the shopping mall or coming back from Ipoh. Each time she says that to me, I will quickly grab a towel and hold it infront of her, to catch her output, if any. BUT...each time nothing came out from her mouth. She would still pretend to vomit with the proper soundtrack some more! I mau pengsan lah!!

The only time we told her that she has vomitted while on the bus in Guangzhao, was 3 months ago. I can't believe that she has stored that piece of information in her mind for so long, and now she's practising it!

On the same day, after her shower in the evening, I told her seriously that we really don't like her to behave such way and above all to fake it. I told her that only when you feel like vomiting, then only you quickly tell mama. We both had eye contact while I was lecturing her. Well, she seems to understand my serious talk to her. I hope :P Shall keep my finger crossed.

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