22 July, 2009

And the battle begins

I guess most of us have been catching up with this new drama series, Little Nyonya, by Mediacorp. My mom is one of the fanatic fan of Little Nyonya now. Whereas my lil Smellybutt is a fanatic fan of Barney and Friends.

Whenever Popo switches the TV channel to Astro AEC for Little Nyonya, Smellybutt will at the same time asking her to play Barney DVD for her! LOL! So both of them are battling for the TV liao. Below is the default conversation between Popo and Smellybutt when the clock strikes 7pm (not everyday, but most of the night!)

Popo : Aiyaa...please let me watch Little Nyonya first ok.
QQ : Popo, open Barney!
Popo : Later la!!
QQ : Open ar!!!
Popo : Laterrrr!!

Smellybutt will then run to me, sobbing, and still asking for Barney! LOL!! I have to use my sister's laptop to let her watch Barney DVD in the bedroom. So in the end, both of them get to watch their favorite movie. Habis cerita. Hehehe ^_^

1 comment:

Debbie said...

haha! time to buy another tv to put in the room...


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