08 July, 2009

Mobile potty

As I've mentioned in my previous post about Smellybutt being "budiperdiri", we have some problem with her "independantness" while travelling with her. It just happened last Saturday and Sunday.

My FIL and MIL came down to KL on last Saturday evening. After work, HubB fetch Smellybutt, Popo and I back to Sg Long house. We all have planned for a dim sum breakfast on Sunday early morning. So on our way home to Sg Long, just reached Jalan Kuching, suddenly Smellybutt said "shue shue" (means want to pee). I told her it's ok to pee on her diaper. Then she said "toilet". Toilet? Wow! We didn't really teach her to say toilet yet. And she really mean it! At first I thought that she was just playing and joking with me. FYI, there were many times that she has cheated me with this trick. Telling me that she wanted to shue shue but always ended up washing her hands once she saw the basin in the toilet.

So this round, I've asked her few times whether she really want to go to the toilet or not. And I've warned her that I'll be angry if she cheats me. She kept nodding her head, and say toilet for the 100th time! HubB managed to pull over at the nearest petrol station for a toilet. True enough, she did pee in the toilet.

On Sunday night, we went to a chinese restaurant in Sg Buloh for dinner. I was worry about her toilet request again while on the way to the restaurant. So I've decided to tapao her lil potty in a big plastic bag, and I checked the plastic bag thoroughly to ensure no holes on it :) Just before we reach the restaurant, I heard the word toilet again. She refused to wait until we get down of the car for the toilet. No choice but to use the potty which I've tapao-ded earlier :P Hahahaha. For the first time, potty her in the car! I carefully kepit the potty in between my thighs, and hold her firmly while she was sitting on the potty. Luckily she only pee a bit. Before we leave the restaurant, I brought her to the toilet. I don't want to kepit the potty in a moving car again.

I'm truly happy that she knows how to say toilet and she really mean it. But also worry, what if the same thing happen during our trip back to Ipoh....gosh....it's a 2 hour + drive...please don't "play" this toilet game with Mama ya.

Some higlight of the dinner at the Sg Buloh restaurant. We met a special guest there. What a coincident! Yes, that guy in a purple tee. He's Jason Yeoh (better known as Ah Xian), a tv host for a food programme "Taste with Jason" air in AEC Astro channel. He travels around Malaysia to introduce/recommend nice local food. My HubB is a big fan of Ah Xian. Because they share the same interest - MAKAN.

He's indeed a very nice person. Humble, polite and always smiling.

Group photo with Ah Xian

Yay! Just the 2 of us.

Btw, that restaurant was featured by Taste with Jason programme too. Worth trying! Can see Ah Xian's apron and banner being displayed in the restaurant. Here's the address of the restaurant. You need to do advance table booking first, especially on the weekend. Believe me, the restaurant is always jam packed with people on the weekends. I've been there twice already.

Restaurant LYJ

Address: PT 11, Jalan Perkhidmatan, Kg Baru Sg Buloh, 47000 Sungai Buloh, Selangor.

Tel: 03-6140 2678

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