20 July, 2009

@ Desa Park City

We had a great Saturday evening at Desa Park City. This place is just 10mins drive from my mom's house. A week before, we were there at about 7pm and noticed that there were many people at the park, from baby to atuk nenek, an all age park! The weather was perfect too. Quite a windy evening and I saw many beautiful kites in the sky. The playground was jam packed with lots of kids. We let Smellybutt walk around at the field. Boy, she was so happy there! Even observing some kor kor cycling there also can make her smile broadly. I knew that I have to bring her there again the following week.

HubB was in Ipoh, so my sister drove us there. Well, my sister is always my family's driver, anywhere, anytime :P Again, the weather was good. Thank god.

Here are some nice picture of my lil Smellybutt. My sister, the photographer.

The first 3 pictures are my favourite! I had to do some funny faces behind the camera to make her focus on the camera and smile a bit. Hehehe. Kerja belakang tabir lah tu.
Hmm...since Johnson & Johnson is having the Baby of The Year contest again, I guess that I'll pick one of my favourite picture from this album and submit my entry. Wish Smellybutt best of luck this year! (coz last year couldn't win ma)

with Popo and her beloved bo bo!

She loves our driver very much :P

Final agenda of the day was a steamboat dinner and a quick shop at Max Value.

I'm sure that we'll visit the park (and the steamboat restaurant) more often after this!

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