20 July, 2009

Amazing betul

We all get more and more surprises from Smellybutt. Yesterday evening, she has amazed us twice.

1st incident :

I was scolding her a bit. Oh well..not really a scold, nagging and lecturing her for being so naughty. Then she said this to me, "mama mar-mar liao (scolding already), help! tolong!". LOL!!! She really said help and tolong. I couldn't stand it, and laughed out loud. We have taught her these 2 words before, when we were playing together. Eg she threw her bolster to me and I said help..I've been hit! And now she used that word in respond to my lectures. That was awesome and...and...too pandai to react like that lah. My lil mischievous Smellybutt. Muuakssss! I still love you though :)

2nd incident :

Popo wanted to dye her hair (black color only lah) and she has asked my sister to help out. The moment Smellybutt saw my sister "coloring" Popo's hair, she immediately climb down from the chair and said "kacau...Popo". Muahahahaa...I had another good laugh over it!! She was so excited while saying it. I cannot believe it that she knew how to use the word "kacau". Popo always tell her don't kacau her while reading newspaper. She has indeed used the word correctly :P

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