16 July, 2009

Update for flower girl wannabe training

Saw this big bakul the moment I opened the store room. No time to dig out a smaller one as Smellybutt was behind me, trying to ransack the store room anytime.

Here's the training session we had yesterday.

First she wants to play with it. Ok fine. She was posing for picture.

And then suddenly she self-dimple her face :P

She just grab her mini tumbler and chucked it into the basket.
Thereafter she ran to......


Ok, enough of the chik chak session! I told her to standby at the main door, which she obediently did so.

Here goes her cat walk...she was kinda happy with the bakul, till she has to walk with it as if she was using a tongkat. Mak nenek betul action dia. Then I told her to carry it higher, and she lifted it up to the max! Hehehehe.

She was happy. I was happy.

The end. :)

As I'm typing this, I received a call from my mom. Smellybutt demanded her to call me. Guess what she has said to me over the phone?

"mama...buy.........durian!....buy ah-jen!....buy nen nen!"

Mau pengsan with her wish list. Best of all, ask me to buy nen nen?? Ya right!!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Go go QQ!! Ibu smelly butt, have to dig out the smaller bakul d. this one too heavy for little QQ~~ She likes durian like dad huh? :D Miss QQ la


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