04 December, 2009

I found her another pre-school

Ok, so quit there then where else to send Smellybutt to? I've found her a new pre-school!! Fast huh? Actually, I should have gone there in the first place, don't know why it didn't come to my mind earlier. That pre-school is actually run by a close friend of mine together with her parents. Sort of a family business lah. She's my secondary school ex-classmate. I will refer her as Teacher Nel here. This pre-school is also using Montessori method, thus it suits my requirement too.

Location wise, it is still very near to my mom's house. Environment is much better than the previous one. Sometimes it's true to say "what you pay is what you get." So the monthly fees is slightly higher. I'm Ok with it. But no, I'm not a richie rich. I'm willing to pay a little bit more, and I'll have a peaceful mind sending Smellybutt to that pre-school. Not because Teacher Nel is my close friend therefore I only say good things about her pre-school. Her's is more to family oriented style. Her parents are there most of the time, cook for the student. When they first launch their pre-school, I was there with Smellybutt too. At that point of time, Smellybutt was just 10mth old.

Picture of us visiting Teacher Lee's pre-school back in Aug 2008

Side track a bit...I know Teacher Nel since we were in primary 3 (I guess!), but not very close. We became closer, together with a few others when we went to the secondary school. Close to the extend that we (about 5 of us) all went to Teacher Nel's house and watch horror movie together at her home theatre room and overnite there as well. Therefore, we all are quite close to Teacher Nel's family member too. When come to CNY, Teacher Nel's house is always our meet up point. Those were the fun days we had together.

Ok, back to Smellybutt vs pre-school challenge result .
She went there since Monday, 30 Nov 09. From day 1 to day 4 to this new pre-school, she still cry for Popo. Luckily not a very long winded cry. In fact, on day 4, we saw some improvement already...won't cry for too long after kena 'kidnapped' by Teacher Nel straight from her car seat ^_^. Her crying pattern would be loud + soft + soft + soft + sorrow. It'll be loud the moment Teacher Nel carried her away from Popo. The soft cry would be on and off in the classroom. Final sorrow cry will take place when Popo fetches her home. Even though she has been crying for the past 4 days, she will still say good bye and waives at the teachers. When asked her still want to come again next day? she will say yes. I'm glad she said yes! Teacher Nel's pre-school has a pet. It's an iguana, his name is Tom. Smellybutt will say bye bye to Tom too!

Here's a picture of her on her 3rd day at the pre-school, courtesy of Teacher Nel. She was quite cooperative, and willing to sit and play with other kids. Check out the orange color bag lah...she must have it by her side all time. Her precious school bag ^_^

But Teacher Nel told me that she seemed to 'bully' the assistant teacher. Whenever the assistant teacher talks to her, she will ignore her. Then Teacher Nel noticed it and she asked the same question to Smellybutt....Teacher Nel immediately got the respond from her, in a very soft tone. Haa!! Cannot let a lembik teacher to handle ini budak lah.

I hope that Smellybutt will be happier and feels more comfortable at the pre-school later. And I truly hope that I've made the right decision to expose her on Montessori learning method at this early age.


Lovely Mommy... said...

u mean koh hong kan? yeah she spoke to me but shes too far away from my place la kalau dekat aku pun dah hantar situ.

Smelly Butt's Ama said...

pandai lah u! yeah, too bad that u stay far from her pre-school..nak pandu jauh jauh macam ni pening jugak.

Lovely Mommy... said...

ha tu la... aku dah agak ko antar kat koh hong gak. kalau dekat dah lama aku anta saner la, ur very lucky heheh..

Debbie M said...

where is the school & whats the website?

Smelly Butt's Ama said...

debbie..i think no website yet (or maybe it exits! let me ask her). her kindi is in kepong area. not convenient for u too :(

memang best hantar ke sana. very spacious, squeaky clean, all stuff are properly labelled and teratur. a very well maintained centre.

Baby Play N' Learn said...


I am actually stay in Jalan Kuching where near to Taman Koh Doh..
I am planning to send my son to school soon..wanna ask what is ur kindi name and location..or do u have the contact number..
hope u can pass to me..thank so much..
i read most of ur daughter schooling articles...so impressive..

Smelly Butt's Ama said...

Thx a lot for dropping by! Ok will PM u the details shortly =)


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