24 December, 2009

Xmas gift exchange

Teacher Nel has informed us earlier that the school will organize a mini Christmas party for the students on 24th December, which is today. So each student will need to bring along a gift for exchange purpose. Waaa....so young already can experience gift exchange! Your mama so old already, pun belum pernah do this leh. But it will happen tomorrow, on Elisha's wedding!

Barney wrapping paper. Psst...this is a recycle wrapping paper :P Why?? For small kid only ma....and it is still in good condition too. Save the earth!!

The gift - 2 coloring and sticker book with a box of 12pcs Faber-Castell wax crayons. This is the best unisex gift which I could think of, for a 2-3yr old student.

So many stickers inside the book!

I do hope that whoever gets this gift will be happy with it lah. Can't wait to go home and see what my lil girl gets today.

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