09 December, 2009

Day 8 at the pre school - Hualala!!

This is the day I'm waiting for...her shed-no-tears day at the pre school, and even at home. So today is the day!! I'm so happy that she has finally stopped crying, totally stopped crying TODAY.
  • When reached the pre-school this morning, she got down from the car and she didn't cry.
  • During the lesson, she saw my mom at the sofa and my mom only waived at her once. Thereafter covered her face with the newspaper, and Smellybutt couldn't waive at her anymore...also never cry.
  • After lunch, my mom picked her up, she didn't cry
  • When I brought her up to the bedroom just now (10pm), she did try to protest but I've managed to distract her a bit with some lousy joke :P Put her on bed, and she demanded not to turn off the light. Ok fine. Again didn't cry.
  • She dozed off at 10.30pm. WONDERFUL!!!

So, day 8 at the pre school and she has stopped crying. Under estimate her liao. I thought that she would have the same crying drama for this whole week at least. Glad that OUR nightmare has ended. I really hope that she will not cry again from now onwards. Amen.

My eyes are half closed while typing this. Luckily still sempat to post this wonderful news here, today. Hari Ini Dalam Sejarah :)

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