17 December, 2009

My new piggy template

It's fresh from the oven! This piggy represents Smellybutt too, who was born in the year of pig!

The main purpose for changing my blog's template is all because of the poor picture quality which I've been experiencing. Well, with this new template, it doesn't bring much difference either, except that the picture quality is a little bit better than before, if I were to upload it straight from my camera, without any editing via PhotoScape.


Lovely Mommy... said...

very very CUTE!!!! maner dapat skin cute2 mcm nih???

Smelly Butt's Ama said...

thx Sue, for loving this non-halal template :P
i just google for free blogspot template je..and hantam to 1 of the website. then found this :)


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