31 December, 2009

Dream talking quite often lately

I didn't get a proper sleep at night for 3 days berturut-turut, all because of Smellybutt dreams and talks a lot with her eyes closed. She will either mumble something or give us a sharp scream all of the sudden. Not only that, her sleeping pattern is just like a clock. At 1 moment I can see her sleeping beside me. But few minutes later, her body has turned to the position of 12 o'clock, then 3 o'clock, then 6 o'clock. Later on, she will moved back to 12 o'clock. I can feel each of her movement, round the clock!! As a result of this, I have a natural Gothic look for the past few days - big eye bags, dark eye circles. Although I've been displaying my eye bags and dark eye circles for ages, this time around, they appear to be more outstanding and dramatic!

But today, in the wee hour, Smellybutt made me laughed so much. She dream talking again and this is what she has first blurted out " xxxx moi kao chor!!". She said it quite loud too. And the best part came, 5 seconds later....she said "eng-gar-bor-ling-gehhh!!!" LOL!!! That was really funny lah. Before this, she used to say "halo enggaborlinggeh" to us whenever we are sleeping. That's how she wakes us up!

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