08 December, 2009

Lost World of Tambun

Last Saturday, we went back to Ipoh together with my mom as we all wanted to visit the Lost World of Tambun theme park. Thinking that Smellybutt can understand so many things now, thus she should be able to enjoy herself there with the animals and splashes of water too. My mom read an article from The Star newspaper couple of weeks ago, about their Petting Zoo. Sounds very interesting, so it is a MUST to visit that theme park. Saturday wasn't enough time for us to go there, so we've postponed it to Sunday morning.

We had our breakfast with my in laws family at Fusan Dim Sum restaurant. We saw a lot of balloons for sale right in front of the restaurant. So....Smellybutt's Mah Mah and Yeh Yeh (my MIL and FIL) asked her to pick her favorite design. We all helped Smellybutt to choose, and she agreed to take this aeroplane balloon. We asked her where did you travel to with the aeroplane? She happily said "to Sarawak, to Guangzhao, to Cameron!". Muahahahaa! This type of helium balloon is not cheap. This AK Fusan 2009 aeroplane cost us RM7. Erm...not "us", it was Yeh Yeh who bought it for her. Lil MM was there too, and her choice was a Minnie design at RM6. Smellybutt said "Thank you Yeh Yeh ar". Hehehe.

Lost World of Tambun is just 15mins drive from my in law's house. We reached there at about 10.30am. Parking lot was still quite empty. The weather was good, a bright sunny Sunday morning.

HubBy went to que for the tickets. Then I saw this notice board near the ticketing counter. Phew...Smellybutt's height haven't reach 90cm yet, so it's free for her. Adult fee is RM36 per head. Not very cheap actually. Even children below 12yr old is RM24 per head. That theme park is not very big. Not like our Sunway Lagoon size ya.

Before we get to enter into the theme park, there were people at the entrance there waiting for us to strap the ticket on our arm. They did a spot check on our bags too, because outside food is not allowed in the premise. I only have some cheese buns in my bag, for Smellybutt. The guy gave us the green light, so no problem. You see the above picture lah....I saw this while waiting for HubBy to buy the tickets. Check out the basket full of food container with other bags of food too. I wonder whether the staff let them picnic in the premise or not...

First, we headed towards the Petting Zoo. Quite a distance walk from the main entrance. We'll pass by the water theme park while on the way there.

From the main entrance of the Petting Zoo, we saw birds and rabbits. Look at the signage, I like it very much...very cute.

My favorite shot! It's not easy to catch her smile in front of the camera :P

That snake ar....I could have stepped on it if I was blur enough that day. It was lying there, motionless, (except for it's yukky tongue going in and out) in between the walkway. Then we moved on to the iguana station. This ugly super sized lizard-look animal reminds Smellybutt of the iguana pet, Tom, at her pre-school.

They have longkang fishing activity as well. At first I thought that there were berudu in that nice and clean longkang. Nah...that was a high class longkang, so no berudu. They have small white and pinkish fishes there. Kids love this, even the adult too. But it seemed to be impossible to catch any of the fish with the netting provided by them. The fishes were all hiding at the inner part of the longkang. Tangan also tak cukup panjang ma....

This part was very nice as we walked through this glass tunnel with lots of big snakes surrounding us, on top our head and below our feet. At first Smellybutt was a bit hesitant to walk walk me. I told her to walk in the middle, following the black color metal strip on the see through flooring :)

See...these are the snakes which we can see very clearly from the glass tunnel. Yukkkssss...At the end of the tunnel, we saw some medium sized crocodiles. Or was it aligator? I can't tell which is which.

Lastly, we saw some cute little hamster and guinea pigs. I asked Smellybutt whether she wanted to touch it or not. She said yes. I reminded her a few times not to squeeze it, just hold it gently. Soooo worried that she might killed that lil fella lah. Actually there are still other animals there, just that I didn't upload the pictures here. Check it out yourself, together with your kids ya, it's a nice place to visit. My colleague told me that Sunway Lagoon also has Petting Zoo. I didn't know about it. This is a great place to spend the school holiday with your children :)

After we have toured the Petting Zoo, we moved on to the water theme park. This is the first time Smellybutt get to experience herself with big big pool of water in the public. See...she loves her swimsuit very much :)

The water was a bit cooling, thus I've put her on a long sleeve baju. Better cover up a bit, coz I was worried of her catching cold after this. I've forgotten to bring along her duck float. Haaaiihh...lousy me. Else she could play further in the water while sitting on the float.

Next, we went to the children water spot. You know...the part where they have big ship and lots of slides for the children. She loves to play with the children slide. So I asked her whether she wanted to try it on the water or not. At first, she said no. Then I assured her that I will hold her tight and both of us will slide down together. I told her it is not scary lah. But hor, the moment I sit on top of the slide with Smellybutt in front of me, I was nervous also lah. Muahahahaha...long time never play slide ma. I got to take a few deep breath before I decided to slide down on it...almost chicken out with that less than 2 feet length children slide. Memalukan betul :P Sorry, no picture of us with the children slide. Don't know what did the camera man do.

We left the theme park at around 12.30pm, just nice for lunch at home :) After lunch, we packed our stuff and travel back to KL. Smellybutt was so tired and she fell asleep in the car very fast. Overall, it was a nice visit to the Lost World of Tambun.


Lovely Mommy... said...

aduh, mcm best jerk tempat ko pegi nih???? errr... yg aunty tu is u mom ke inlaw? i always see her kan in ur blog here... mesti dia sayang betul ngan cucu dia heheheh...

Smelly Butt's Ama said...

Sue, best jugak la tempat tu. smaller version of sunway lagoon lah :) ye...makcik glamer tu adalah ibunda ku

Chinneeq said...

yur girl is really blessed to have so much of love from her grandparents. i also tot of this place when we visited penang. wah...so expensive one ar the ticket? pokai lo if i bring my maid and doremi (only qiqi has to pay for the ticket) coz we need accomodation too. so dissappointed for not able to go into ipoh this round...sigh...

Smelly Butt's Ama said...

hehe..ya with ur big family, u've gotto pay a lot! nv mind la...this round tak jadi, next round then :) i know ur 'next round' wud be another 2-3yr time rite :P


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