03 December, 2009

Thanks to Humpty Dumpty

Smellybutt seldom walk/crawl up and down the staircase very often. Most of the time we'll carry her. Faster, easier and safer ma. The other day, she wanted to walk down from the staircase all by herself. Ok, I was there with her. So I told her to grip tightly on the grills and go down very slowly and carefully. When reached to the part where there wasn't any grill for her to hold on, I held her to help her get down safely.

At first, she refused to let me hold on her. She kept saying "I walk by myself la!". I told her that now you can only touch the wall, no more grill for you to hold on to, very dangerous. So mommy has to hold you, in case you slip and fall. She then said this to me " aaaa..mama has to hold QQ. if not...like Humpty Dumpty". Waaakakakkaa. That was a good one lah, and totally out of my expectation. I thought she would say that if she falls, she will in be pain and then she has to go to see the doctor. That is what she usually say to us. This round, she was smart enough to give me such a good example huh.

FYI, she has been watching a sing-along kids song vcd repeatedly. First song is Humpty Dumpty. We will always describe to her what she sees on the tv screen, ie the 'music video' lah. Now proven that she did learn from what we told her about Humpty Dumpty. Don't climb up high, else you will be in deep pain if you fall. Btw, she learnt her previous 2 new songs (1,2 buckle my shoe & rock-a-bye baby) from the same vcd too.

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