31 December, 2009

No school uniform for her yet :(

Yesterday Teacher Nel has informed my mom that the tailor who is responsible to sew the school's logo embroidery on the uniform, refused to do it only for Smellybutt. You know lah, Teacher Nel has to make a special order for her, a fitting uniform for Smellybutt due to her outstanding petite body figure :P That tailor said that she will only do it with a minimum order of 20 pieces uniform.

Sigh....I'm so sad, my lil gal can't wear school uniform just like her other class/school mates on the 4th Jan 2010 :( So now her school uniform will only be ready together with the school's logo embroidery after the school reopens....don't know have to wait until when.
I wonder whether she will ask me or Popo why she doesn't have a school uniform just like the others, when she sees all students in the same attire next week. Cham....


Chinneeq said...

can buy bigger one and then get tailor to alter it? so kesian ma...everyone got uniform but she don have.let me know if u need help. will check with my tailor to do it, just for yur lil one.

Smelly Butt's Ama said...

chinnee,the special size uniform is ready, just that the embroidery of the school's logo is done by another person. that person refused to jahit the logo now.


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