10 December, 2009

So eager to go there?

Yesterday night she slept at 10.30pm without much protest. Suddenly she woke up at 1.30am and she was telling me "mama, later we wake up then we go kindergarten ar". What?? Did I get you wrongly?? Offering yourself to be sent to the kindergarten?? She has said that twice some more. Waaaaa...really unbelievable lah. I wasn't dreaming, and she was wide awake when she made that statement.

Geeezz....I really hope that she is THAT EAGER to go to the pre-school everyday. In fact, she already has a close friend. According to Teacher Nel, there's a girl named Thung Thung who likes to play with her. Like kawan baik konon. Sit together, play together and chit chat together. Thung Thung is also 2yr old, so I thought that they could understand each other better. Hang on. Thung Thung speaks Mandarin, whereas Smellybutt speaks Cantonese. How do they click actually? Smellybutt can understand a little bit of Mandarin, as she speaks a few words of it too. But Thung Thung speaks full Mandarin, so does she understand what Smellybutt has said to her? Only God knows :)

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