07 December, 2009

Fear of loosing us

It all started since last Thursday, Smellybutt's 4th day to the pre-school. We noticed 2 major changes in her behavior.

Refused to go to bed at night
Normally we'll bring her up to the bedroom by 9pm, and let her play for a while I feed her a bottle of milk. She'll be off to bed latest by 10pm or 10.30pm. Last Thursday was a nightmare for us. She cried so badly the moment we brought her up to the bedroom. Insisted to go down and look for my dad, Dun Dun. She was like a GPS, navigated Dun Dun up and down the bedroomfor more than 4 times. She refused to be carried by other people except Dun Dun. My poor dad, his back ached so much carrying her so long. Finally the drama ended at 1am! Then she woke up at about 8.20am, thus she was a bit late to the pre-school...and I have informed Teacher Nel about it. Last Saturday, we went back to Ipoh together with my mom too. We've planned to visit Lost World of Tambun (will talk about it in a separate post later). Same crying drama took place and she knocked off at 11.30pm. At bout 6.30am, all of the sudden, she woke up and cried. Again, whenever she started to cry, she will me to bring her downstairs. I tell you ar...after 3 nights with this same sobbing drama episode from her, my mom and I really behtahan liao. No matter what we do, she will not be tricked and will continue to cry.

Hit me baby one more time
Nah, not me. When she was in Ipoh, she was playing so well with her lil 1yr and 3mth old cousin sister, MM. All of the sudden, she pushed MM away! She has never pushed away any other kids or even rebut toys with the kids all this while. So we were so shocked to see her pushing and hitting MM the other day. The way she pushed/hit MM was very very mild. But still, that wasn't a good sign either. Before this, Smellybutt used to be so afraid of MM. She only started to play with MM a bit about 3 month ago. But 1 thing for sure, due to jealousy. She just couldn't accept my mom or myself to touch or talk to MM. Not even a quick touch on MM for less than 3 seconds! The moment we touched MM, she'll yell "Mama/Popo, cannot!!". After Smellybutt hit MM, I had a talk with her in a quiet room. As I talked to her, I held her tightly. I believed that she understood what I have told her, not to hit/push other small kids, and being a 'tai kar jea' (status yes, physically no :P) she must take care of her little sisters. I have to keep telling her that we all love her very much and we will not leave her behind.

From the above scenario, we all concluded that she is afraid of loosing the 3 Stooges - Popo, Mama, Dun Dun (Pssstt..obviously her daddy is just a watak sampingan only) Sending Smellybutt to the pre-school is indeed a big challenge for ALL OF US. She still love to go to the pre-school, but at the same time afraid of loosing us. Haaaaiiihh....I am having a tough time too, to see her cry at night and the moment she wakes up. I do stress over this matter a lot. You see, she's only attending pre-school and here I am, stressing and freaking out already! It is still a long way for me to go leh...

I had a short discussion with Teacher Nel about this whole incident. She told me not to worry so much as this kind of behavior on new student is normal. She said Monday is always so blue for the kids. Coz they enjoyed so much over the weekend and when come on Monday, start lah all the crying. She told me that there are kids who behaved exactly like Smellybutt too. Nothing new actually. Teacher Nel told me to sit back and relax...she'll take good care of Smellybutt. Yeah, I know you will, Teacher Nel!!

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